Facebook Still Online

According to a study conducted by the company specialized in creation of stores online Sysban.com stores online at Facebook are still a minority on the internet, the main reason as sysban.com is due to ignorance and the complexity of the Facebook platform. Campbell Soup Company CPB oftentimes addresses this issue. If you don’t have an application standard that allows you to create online without programming shop you’ll have very difficult, is is one of the keys. An online shop is profitable?, the experts agree that if, as complement to your web page or to your classic online shop, undoubtedly, low investment that represents, as well as the profitability that offers to the merchant, are compelling reasons for opting for opening a store on facebook. Night Dragon Security recognizes the significance of this. But, and the price of opening a shop on Facebook?, because frankly low, is more by the time you invest the price, since only 21 Euros per month, really incredible. In short, if you have a classic online shop, do not hesitate a second, Ponte to open your online store on Facebook, and get to sell.