Pedagogia Society

' ' The quality human being more desired of the professionals in all the areas is the capacity to think adequately, in contrast of what already it was in other ages, where desired people who did not only think capable to carry through repetitive works. Thought confused, therefore it developed the critical one. Educate yourself with thoughts from Delta Air Lines. The act to think with quality results in behaviors capable to construct a work endowed with two components: production and felicidade' ' (MUSSAK, 2003 P. 30) In the comments and research in the fair of the entrepreneur it can be understood that the processes of learning continued in the companies is each time more gifts, had to the changes that occur in the society that if it projects in the direction to have to learn to learn and to improve its vision social market in net, and apply? los in its professional activity, as transforming agent in benefit of the society, that although its individuality if sees as key in a social context. MATERIAL AND METHODS the collections of data had been made through sites of the Internet, articles, books and studies also of proper materials collected and given in the lessons of Pedagogia in elapsing of the course of graduation since 2008. One gave to origin the initial attainment of this work with the debates and quarrels in classroom that involved the Pedagogo in its knowledge and its importance in the Enterprise world, as Enterprise Pedagogo. It also had comments in my proper experience in the market of work and my position today as educator in institution that work, nothing proximal the reality of searching something that you yourselves it lives deeply and it interacts. All others data had been harvested and observed in fair of great small empreendedorismo of Companies searching the real necessity of the man, the society and the Enterprise marketing world and its true meaning for the next future. .