Formal Education

Project of ambient education in the schools ' ' Multipliers of Ao' '. INTRODUCTION In virtue of the fast degradation of the planet and consequence threat the quality of life, has become each emergencial time the abrangncia of the Ambient Education in formal education, as transversal concept to you discipline them to all offered, participating actively of the transdisciplinaridade, leading and applying its objectives in the social scopes, politicians, cultural, professional and educational. The present work appeared of the necessity to enable the professors, pupils and parents with regard to the organic formation of one horta, a work of ambient education, in this way collects and recycling of the garbage selective generating an improvement in the behavior in relation to the environment. Through the elaboration of a bank of seeds for creation of one one horta, to develop an conscience-critical-partner-ambient one, having as base a work of emotional support, where the values and the care with the health and the environment will optimize the quality of life. to learn more. To take care of the necessities of the cited reality, it is created thus, an alternative of lessons practical-theoreticians who will develop in the professors, pupils and parents changes of behavior through learning on the environment and formation of an informal market with organic foods. Stimulating the reflection of the social, economic and ambient problems (causes, consequences and solutions), for the change of habits that aim at the improvement of the Interaction of the man with the environment. Considering the thematic importance of ambient and the integrated vision of the world, we believe the possibility of the schools to offer effective ways so that each pupil understands the natural phenomena, the interference of the actions human beings and its consequence for the biodiversity of the planet, at the same time forming responsible and conscientious citizens of its rights and duties in problematic relation the ambient one fomenting the action development that they aim at the minimizao of decurrent the pertinent problems the ambient crisis of the wild degradation and the insustentabilidade. .