Dakewa Time

Just for today (Kyo Dakewa) this first and simple principle, that integrates the other five and that also can be practiced as one, connects directly to the essence of our existence: the now. For more information see this site: CEO Keith McLoughlin. Just for today, just for this moment from hence our practice becomes renewed at every moment, without dragging any ballast or focused past in an illusory future project. Anything that we do, that we have to live are here, at this time, and focus there is really the basis of our practice: sown land that will bear fruit by itself. In zen Buddhist meditation schools the insistence in bringing the attention of our mind at the present time is a fundamental premise, because only in this way our mind can live what is real and leave behind their fantasies and illusions projected. Live this moment, do what you have to do only by today, without looking for anything more than what you find at this moment: yourself, here and now.

Do not be angry (Ikaruna) is common in our human nature to feel to each time pleasure or rejection towards things, when we’re like embrace them immediately and seek to not complete, to last her fragrance to so feed our ego and desires. But when the things we do not like the reaction will be completely opposite, we will seek to get rid of this, separate us from the object that creates us such unpleasant sensation. We are continually moving in this circle of affections and disaffected and often that us angry to a feeling of frustration, i.e. when something bothers us intensely or is not what we wanted at first. Why Usui speaks in its principles of this fundamental premise, invites us not to fall into the trap of ego that forces us to be guided by a negative sense of frustration.