Sun Day

Although it seemed that he was not going to arrive, because the winter has been long and rainy, here it is, just like every year. One day surprised us a warmer Sun and, although we still do not dare to leave the shelter, the flowers, which were hidden, waiting until that day loomed in clean outbreaks. In brief, they will explode your colors dotting the field. And I think of the origin of these flowers, in that seed that found the Earth one day and, today, is a plant that is dressed in vivid shades and perfumes for courtship, so insects polinicen and turn round and juicy fruits. Continue to learn more with: Kindle Direct Publishing. This small seed shaped grain of rice, which is today a tree or plant, in its day it was nothing; It was just an idea, like our projects, each one of us, those ideas that initially seem crazy, and that we are shaping in sleepless nights, up to which we see what might be in our minds. But any day in which we feel more bouncy, or perhaps more unconscious, we decided to plant it. Each its seed, unique and unrepeatable. A single seed of a family, other of a vocation, there have been chosen with love, on the other hand those, a profession, a child, a House, a dream, the search but the process is the same for all.

First it is necessary to prepare the soil. If it is paid, everything will be easier and our plant will be vigorous, although in the most inhospitable lands, also are growing outrageous flowers. Here we cavaremos a small hole and introduce the seed carefully. We look at it, there in the background, and perhaps we wonder if that grain brown is that we wanted to plant or if the roots will grow inward, to strengthen it, and stem will come out in the Sun and open air.