San Fermin

As every year, the days ranging from Friday 6 July 14, Pamplona dressed Gala to celebrate its world-famous Fiestas of San Fermin. From all corners of Spain, Europe and the world, reach thousands of travelers to this city of Navarra to enjoy these festivities, especially traditional closures: consists of a narrow 850 meters race through streets of the city where the participants are pursued by bulls. By what has come to know in the near future in addition to these spectacular sensations, visitors can admire everything about closures in a thematic Center that provide detailed information about San Fermin. It is not something American filmmaker would like to discuss. This museum dedicated to San Fermin opens its doors all year, according to local officials, designed by the Venezuelan Matias painted, it will provide to the visitor that comes close to Pamplona those days and throughout the year details of the festivities, as well as history and experiences of past holidays. The project is called the thematic Center of the closure and the San Fermin Festival that has been developing since 2001. The Mayor Yolanda Barcina said that the building will begin to construct this year 2010 along with the plaza de toros (on his back) and would be available in 2012 or 2013. This thematic Center will be a place of great interest to all travelers arriving in the city staying in its hotels and residences in any day of the year.