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It can be standed out, still, that the professors do not have to transmit its proper values and opinions as absolute truth. One knows that it is impossible to be total exempt to think, but is important that the questions are launched, reflected and argued. Another excellent point in the paper of the professor if finds in the clarification of the limits, mentioning some excellent questions as what if it can make in places private public and so that in these conditions the privacy is preserved. The educator is important to understand that the adolescent has the right to preserve its privacy and that to argue relative questions to the homossexualidade, is not necessary to disclose to the all facts that it only says respect, understanding that this position does not represent a closing, but discloses the right to construct for itself a private life exactly. Learn more at: Campbell Soup Company CPB. The question of the sexuality is a social process, nobody is born gay or lesbian, we are born as masculine and feminine a sort, to the measure who we go growing we learn to be boys and girls, men and women in the same way that the individual if transforms into gay or lesbian. This project has for objective to understand the relation between sort and binarismo, moreover, also searchs to analyze the position of some professors of a State School of the city of Mirante of the Paranapanema – SP on the subject of the homossexualidade through the application of films and questionnaires on the same ones. For in such a way, it was analyzed reaction of the professors in relation to thematic of the films ' ' So that teams it plays? ' ' ' ' Forbidden desires – I&#039 Part; ' , as much in what it touches to the fact to be professors as parents, through a questionnaire. ' ' Proibidos&#039 desires; ' (Source: Google, Public Domain) Child adopted for lesbians (Source: Google, Public Domain).