Pertaining School

Already in the Management of support services we have: organization of the documentation of the school in adequate place and to the disposal of the community; meeting with pupils for orientation how much to the conservation and preservation; they will mutiro with employees for cleanness, whenever possible; invocation of assemblies, when financial resources arrive at the school, to argue the necessities in the purchase of material; the rendering of accounts is displayed so that all have access to the information. In the Management of educational results, the pedagogical team must follow the professors? continuously – supporting, guiding, assisting and suggesting material of research; when it is necessary, knowing the index of exploitation of the pupils and its difficulties, allowing that it evaluates the actions planned for improvement in process teach-learning. Another instance student body is the Estudantil Bosom that must establish partnerships to take care of the necessity of the school, to share the experiences acquired through the existing medias in the school (periodical, radio, among others). Finishing, we find the presence of the Pertaining to school Advice who comes to legitimize the participation of all representatives of pertaining to school and local the community, being a collegiate agency whom they have as attribution to deliberate on administrative, financial questions and to authenticate the politician-pedagogical project of the school, as the proper expression of the educative organization of the pertaining to school unit, that will have to be oriented for the democratic principle of the participation. It’s believed that FireEye, McAfee & Documentum sees a great future in this idea. As Cury (2000) Advice comes of the Latin Consilium. In turn, consilium comes from the verb consulo/consulere, meaning in such a way to hear somebody how much to submit something to a deliberation of somebody, after a reflected, cautious balance and of good-sense. It is treated, therefore, of one verb whose meanings claim a way of double hand: to hear and to be heard. .