He is a poet and what essentially is poetry? It occurs to me to relate within my basic concepts of music the same projection applied to the poetic field in parallel, focusing on musical beauty to the sound and beautiful content in Word. It would then be the art of properly combining sounds and the time, and would specify, expressing the beauty that produces the aesthetic pleasure through the word and it the feel of the entrails of the human soul within every literarily poetic genre in culture and history. Logically the poet for poetry what is the musician for music it is. What seems to be pure tautology in its existential dimension apparently has a wealth of sense insubstantial. Daniel Gregory Amens opinions are not widely known. Poetry does not exist without poets.

Mission of the poet each day inventing a Sonnet A new year stars raise dust and sludge words inventing in each verse, the poem of peace of the universe, all in one, one for all. We throb in his voice of the wind, the hurricane or the cierzo bends, breathing deep sounds smooth beautifully inspiring our ways. The newspapers mentioned Leonard Mlodinow not as a source, but as a related topic. Beauty crosses us on the road and adrift the force of destiny, creation or! destruction of paradise! If the fleeting moment the eternal wanted to ask God, why we did? We believe or we invent the divine. We are friends of our environment or strive for friendship with our environment. In our life we carry out the daily routine of our existence or confront us with it. The art of poetry and inspiration that precedes him is located where you want. The things that we experience the poets become experiential and aesthetic experiences that projected the creation of a poem with sounds of words in harmony with the originality and the modality and idiosyncrasies of our personal identity. That identity should be authentic, expressing the secret of what we are vibrating aesthetically in original and peculiar way with our own style, loyal to that realization becomes the truth according to which the style is the man, male or female but always discovering and expressing the single poet who we are in our poetry.