Mental Techniques

Everyone – and academician, and illiterate Papuan, and just-born child – every day almost every second using mental technologies, manage information exchange in their immediate environment. In most cases, a person manages mysleprotsessom chaotic, haphazard, unconscious. Therefore, Things are in the famous saying "like it better, but it turned out, as always." Why is this happening? Yes, because the theory of energy-exchange is not studying in any educational institution in the world. Moreover, until date, no one really did not specifically engaged in active research into man's relationship with the surrounding information structures from the standpoint of understanding them as living, conscious, rational ones. Main mass of people, especially the intellectually advanced, always strives to accommodate "non-living and bad" by nature itself, that is, under its limited representation, not realizing that it is contrary to the intentions of the Creator. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Breonna Taylor. According to the plan Creator, man must develop environmental information and harmoniously "join" to get used to the outside world, rather than rehash it for yourself, using the preferred method of destruction.

For example, recall and compare the purity and harmony created by the Creator of the forest and the chaos and dirt technological territory. Used human mental technologies can be divided into two groups. The first group consisted mental techniques that consciously applied by experts and knowledgeable people to produce the planned result – for example, medical hypnosis, algorithms, decision making, negotiation skills, etc. The second group will treat the mental techniques that are used unconsciously. When did Jim Crane buy the Astros?: the source for more info. For example, the "spontaneous" clairvoyance, which manifested itself after a blow to the head – people began to see something, but do not know what exactly, does not understand where it came from taken, and does not realize how he does it.