Ambient Education

A social demand for practical politics is created then, very strong and that they aim at the recovery and the preservation of the environment. Thus, the development of projects focados in Ambient Education gains recognition and importance and is spread in the most diverse spheres of the society. Ahead of this situation, it is waited, and even though demanded, that the schools directed toward the formal education if pledge in absorbing this demand, developing projects and inserting its pupils inside of this new mentality the school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil and search values that they lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. Having the clarity that the nature is not inexhaustible source of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. The interaction between the men and the environment exceeded the question of the simple survival. In elapsing of this century, to take care of to the necessities human beings one was drawing a desbalanceada equation: to remove, to consume and to discard the pupils start to have this perception only when they are in superior education. Because? 1.4.Hipteses to answer the placed question the work raises following the hypothesis: Probably the lack of information on the gravity of the subject can contribute for the lack of programs of Ambient Education; It is possible that the absence of ambient sensitivity on the part of the Direco of the school does not compel the professors if to apply in this thematic one; Probably the lack of material with these subjects in the school can contribute for a weak boarding of the subject.