Word Straight

When I told my companion and I spirituality she was presented as a total and direct experience of the universal love that establishes an internal order in our spirit and a sense of compassion, fraternity and peace toward all beings. Spirituality is the heart of education holistic that leads the educator to establish a love relationship with students. Sandara Park is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Was quite a challenge, providing the course of holistic education to COLEGIALAS 131, where teachers were eager to learn about the development of emotional intelligence. For example in this paragraph we kept a holistic dialogue, we apply a dynamics of integration, to learn about our academic training; at all times we seek to develop a compassionate attitude more than power; and knowing and recognizing through dialogue and the fundamental activity that it is attention the students agree that the human is the essential problem and from there can be spiritual beings through our dialogue with teachers assistants, remained a great interest when he is mentioned triple training that encompasses the wisdom that is straight opinion and straight purposeThe transformative effect on school and social groups we as educational leaders own and cause profound changes in the way irnos internalized, know which are our real needs, to begin to dilute the conflicts by changing our ideas and achieve true transformation. When touch the topic of ethics in the straight Word, straight behavior and the straight path.

We agree all the great importance that especially young people aware and practice universal values. Straight behavior by the respect for life, not to kill, not to do harm, be compassionate and charitable and develop the benevolence and love were the principal commented values. The triple training attention was another very important point. Explained as the straight effort straight attention and concentration straight are desirable in the educator; you live with the mind, with the mind he is dying.