University John Hopkins

Here the malaria is severe, caused by Plasmodium Falciparum (malignant; pernicious or economic terciana fever). Beyond transmitted by a weak vector Anopheles Maculipennis. Here Anpheles Darlingi, fierce and powerful. Beyond the transmission interrupted by the cold of winter. Here the uninterrupted transmission throughout the year. Beyond the cheerful countryside and restricted, here the immensity of the ilimite plain.

In summary, beyond malaria was one of the health problems. Here was one gigantic (1987, 27) .ff to be in front contact with the reality of malaria in the country understood that it required more knowledge to combat the great public health problem that afflicted the nation with the most suitable measures. He then embarked on a new journey in pursuit of his training as malariologo; He went to USA, a scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation, to perform a postgraduate course in the school of public health from Johns Hopkins University where he graduated in the year of 1935 with the title of Doctor of Sciences of hygiene. It was perhaps his greatest achievement in his training of malariologo, in the introductory words of avian Malaria, Pedro Grases believes that in the vocational training of the doctor Gabaldon, with studies in Venezuela and abroad, particularly the received at John Hopkins to achieve a unique preparation for tenaciously direct suppression of malaria campaign in Venezuela (1998, XV). University John Hopkins passed temporarily to the Rockefeller Institute in New York to conduct studies on malaria in monkeys. In the meantime, Venezuela accused the end of a painful dictatorship, Juan Vicente Gomez, died in his bed in December of the year 1935, the dictatorship of Gomez is, indeed, a whole era of history in which produces social disarticulation and moral deformation in generations that had to live it (Moron, G, f/s, 467). Materially, oil introduced changes in the economic structure of the country, the agrarian country transits towards an minero-extractivo model that strengthens the State finances that opens up possibilities of public investment in programmes of economic and social development, especially in the field of health through oil revenues. The successor of Gomez, General Eleazar Lopez Contreras woke up new expectations and allowed certain political openness which meant the return of many Venezuelans who were in exile, and others who were prisoners were released. The father of Arnoldo Gabaldon had been a political prisoner of dictator Gomez, Arnold always kept reserve and discretion at this fact and cared for publicly expressing their political opinions.