University Extension

If we know entirely where walking energy, their entry and exit points, their changes, fullness or empty, it will be easier for treating any problem or kind. We think that the principle is power, then produce the physico-chemical changes that are perceived, but if we act energy level it is possible to remedy and prevent various problems. More information is housed here: Nike. Not to mention the understanding that occurs knowing the rules of bioenergetics, problems difficult, incomprehensible even to scientific medicine are understood with the knowledge of the functioning of the meridians. Works such as color, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, come to life, understood fully acquiring a new dimension in our treatments. We can define the concept of bioenergetics as Science bridge between traditional Chinese medicine, ancient, incomprehensible in their concepts for our Western minds, and modern medicine and its scientific findings and contrasting studies. You can work in both directions, and when this is done the results are impressive. After performing an energy regulation, (each professional performs it with his utensils), all treatments are easier to perform and we have access to areas that otherwise we keep hidden. As example will explain how we treat a cellulitis: through a very thorough history, observation of the person, if it is yan or yin, if it has been in full or empty, prepare a few treatments and some diets.

We do first an energy regulation at the level of meridians, generally have affected those who have relationship with blood, i.e. BP, R, V, kidneys checked as it is psychosomatic function, i.e. the SHEN, levels of anxiety, compulsion. Once covered all those parameters passed to perform local treatment itself, with the above variants, yan, yin, fullness, empty, inside, outside, top, bottom, heat, cold. We do, as not, manual massage, the body in full and more specifically in meridians and receptive points.

In our treatments we work with homeopathy, thermotherapy, therapy with seaweeds of very good quality, use color clays, oligoterapias,. In general this can be a clear example of type with the Bioenergetic aesthetic treatment, acne, breast, facial reaffirming, they are improved greatly. Our students receive this training, as well as dietary standards and nutrition, concepts of orthomolecular nutrition and oligotherapy, course aromatherapy, Bach Flowers even have their site in our courses. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive treatment of the problems, we unite body, mind and energy on an absolute synergy, at the same time that we personalize treatments, few times two people with identical problem react in the same way, the keep in mind this forms part of the success or failure of our manipulations.