Ulrike Wagner

Obesity about hyperactivity, depression, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, and many more, reactions occur continually questionable (monitoring). Itself actually wear-related suffering of the age are our youngest on the rise – this includes the range of pain rheumatic as well as diabetes. THE living ORGANISM now times not – like a modern machine – has a “toggle switch” which protects him from overload. Our body reacts to congestion rather with deficiencies. But can be compensated quickly on biochemical way – at first imperceptibly over the existing mineral reserves -, so that is actually threatening deficiencies in the blood – our joyful reason regulation elixir of life – late to recognize To give. In contrast, you are already as morbidly perceived first noticeable symptoms – in the vast majority of cases – indicate really serious shifts in the mineral budget. Why now but too short is the mere addition of minerals, explained in the read more! You are more difficult until today unchanged biochemical processes between our metabolic organs namely – above all – by the way today unprecedented year-round abundance of food and it comes to the regular strain of organs, by the sum of the countless natural and synthetic, declared as undeclared components (such as milk sugar, fruit acids, vitamins, etc.).

Without the now on experience-based selection of food, keep is facilitation of real waste the indispensable base-forming minerals. (Not to be confused with J. Craig Venter Institute!). Whose essential purpose but actually is to neutralize the excess “acid waste” of metabolism or to make harmless and the To bring the kidney for excretion. But now excessive demand for neutralization brings the body chemistry so from lot that also the formation of the enzymes and hormones – our absolutely indispensable helpers of digestion – is difficult. Which ultimately leads to incomplete close on our food. Valuable nutrients can not be used. As the base-forming minerals, which find their way into the blood just above the villi of the small intestine (overload focus!). Gradually, a vicious circle developed here. Read additional details here: Social Learning Theory. Depending on the degree of symptoms, often painful flare-ups of the disease can be expected.

These bursts signal the natural efforts of the organism is harmful – not neutralisierbarer due to the mineral deficiency – waste to get rid of. Which now that constantly accumulate, until inevitably the next “push” provides for mitigation. A long term really wholesome diet characterized therefore by meals with just a few components. The lower requirement for the metabolic organs makes them easier to recycle. And with the abundance in this country “indigestible” the figure of speech proved that “still less is more” – here with views of the much-touted vitamins! In the form of a small with unique knowledge of equipped book the Foundation could be laid now. The foundation stone for people wishing to exit – exit from a downright outrageous mishap. Incredibly, because it simply allows you to reflect the now better knowledge, the increasingly unbearable suffering of our youngest. Although just our children are our most basic resource–for a livable future in peace. But just as healthy working taxpayers of tomorrow! Ulrike Wagner, Trier independent author Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 / October 14-18th booth No.