The Grandfather

Was one of those Jewish mothers proud of their family, their faith, their environment. Details can be found by clicking Kindle Direct Publishing or emailing the administrator. It never received a no. Her hair covered it as was the custom. He had that mixture of modern and classical experience. Modern era in treatment, vocabulary and listening.

She bent over backwards for me, not bothered what others think about it. Always let your preference to see my mother and I suppose as a projection of me for being her first grandson. He lived in a building, (Three-story house) made by my grandfather, it was large, had many rooms, most of them were recorded are the kitchen and bathroom. Both looked like doll houses. On the walls hung pictures of people I knew, of great rabbis and antique mirrors embedded watermarks winners live. The game room was austere, elegant, large bed, very sound, the balconies, like those of Andalusia, the terrace, that was another thing, it seemed a supply store. The grandfather who had experience of two world wars and a civilian, had lost his father with the explosion of a bomb dropped from a boat.

a l tried not to repeat this, none of their children would have to leave home in search of food in case of emergency as it happened. Indeed, the grandfather on the terrace had all kinds of supplies. It was the strongest in times of my childhood and Indian soldiers. Every moment, every time, with the grandfather had a something, a story, it lasted as long as he needed to peel an apple or any fruit, not realizing that was giving us little by little, until we ate.