The Example

This new pupil requires a new style of professor, a new organization of the school, with dynamic projects, in different end to teach and to learn. Gerald Weissmann, MD has firm opinions on the matter. In what it affirms Luckesi et al (2000, P. 139): The act to study directly the reality will be critical in the measure where it searchs a compatible briefing with the same one. The criterion will be the objetividade of the expression while explicite the proper characteristics of the reality, without subterfuges and obscurecimentos, proceeding from personal interests, emotional taboos or same of shunting lines in the perception. The citation above sample that stops being one critical reader is not from psicossociolgicas projections of the citizen, but of description of the reality from its manifestations.

However, ' ' the-critical it will be the attitude of unconditional acceptance of the message and its mnemonic retention, without asking for its validity objetiva' ' (Luckesi et al, idem, ibidem). Nowadays, it can be affirmed that the content of our readings is alienator, for if to point out for it are of the reality, with objectives to manipulate those that receive the service from they impose that it. An example well clearly of this is in the example to asseguir given for Luckesi et al (2000, p.132): The cinema and the television, with tinned its, mattered in its majority of the countries that dominate in them, propagate the content of ' ' reading of realidade' ' that they interest stop manipulating in them and instrumentalizar, sub-repticamente, to each day that passes. Made this fast analysis, on the practical one of reading, we arrive the conclusion of that still remains very to make for its democratization, so that it either, a right of all; as much taken of the point of view of analysis of the proper reality, how much in the reading carried through through the texts. However, the reality that today we live deeply is only, of a different reality, but joust and human being who will come.