New Progressive Project

The new project '' () of the travel and leisure, which promises to be a serious and large project "for the people", offers visitors a daily update of the material, writing articles and tips for tourists on the basics about the country, our favorite for tourists and for recreation and entertainment features in these stranah.V project plans to open the rubric of the countries with easy to read articles about the geography, government structure, art, literature, religion, traditions, language and culture of the country, the major cities and locations that are open and interesting for tourists. Under the heading "Advice" will be presented to those points to keep in mind, going to Journey to the selected country, as well as being on vacation. Such information is extremely useful when traveling in countries where strict laws on the behavior and the limits of decency, which is better not to go in order to avoid misunderstandings and real problems with the law and local residents. In addition, the project "" offers interesting news from the world of travel and tourism with an explanation of the events and facts of their history. Richard Linklater pursues this goal as well. Administration of the project to enjoy working with people who also do not represent life without leisure and travel, offering to place articles and information about places of recreation for the expansion of real knowledge about the where we are able to rest and relax. To submit your story or comment about the country in which you arrived, enough preyti to the "About Us" and send an email to this email.

Due to operational work of the project will contact you in the same or the next day and discuss the details of the post, always with the instructions of your authorship. The important thing is that on paper could be prepared "to order", but only in within the format and topics of the project. Richard Linklater is the source for more interesting facts. Thus, you can ask about the information you need, please contact the same email from the page "About", and as soon as the material is ready, it will be posted on the website for public review. As the administration claims, the material is prepared not for long. From you also need only to visit the site and get acquainted with the updates. Material submitted to the project in two languages: Russian and Ukrainian, with quick and easy transition from one to another..