Elian Gonzalez

Intense clarity just allowed him to open his angry eyes. They were those same sad eyes who could walk tired the uninterrupted horizon circle. When There is no object reference has the feeling of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Nausea come and go to the rhythm of the waves. I was much closer to death than of toys abandoned three days ago.

Despite all the child survived. Luck? It is a factor but it is never enough. Does God? Countless children and immigrants have died already and still perishing in the Straits of Florida. A leading source for info: Olivia Pacino. It also occurs in the step of the winds that separates Cuba from Haiti. Similarly it is thus through the Rio Bravo on the Mexican border with the United States. And so on about any border that separates the poor countries from the rich. Then, he survived because protected it adults? I don’t know, most of them could not protect even themselves. Even the mother of the child, the more interested in protecting it, perished.

Many adults had lost the trial in these circumstances. People would have not been able to support solar flare, thirst, hunger, loneliness and the fear of almost 14 they were tragically killed in front of him. One of them was his own mother who was snatched him to pieces. However, he is not crazy, he not surrendered to his hell. The little hero the only thing that did was to resist and resist. When it seemed that he had already endured too, you hold still more. You will not want to never live such experience. But yes we need to remember to Elian Gonzalez, the child who taught me an extraordinary lesson. Always it can resist a little more if we’re still alive. Always expect better times by burning than the fathoms of life. If the it could beat, never give up, you can too. You are a shy person?, be sure to read the next book: the real causes of your shyness Note: If you are interested in obtaining it free click on the title now. Original author and source of the article

Alava La Rioja

Knowing you better not imagine it. For a few kilometres, taking advantage of the prevailing silence, I dedicated myself to meditate on the years spent by these places. They assailed me childhood memories and any object I served as a reference of the last, happy past, in this land of rioja alavesa. The star King managed to break through and blinded my sight for a moment. The image was curious, glow with power illuminated the direction of progress, while behind me a whitish shade gave way to the thickness of the fog. I immediately realized the significance of that phenomenon, someone communicated me entry into another scenario, Vallobera.

The branches of the strains, ghosts of what a great harvest, was still moist, received with jubilation in the light of the day. The slopes and ravines absorbed energy heating the Earth and deep roots. A plate on the floor reverberating and made me signals that aroused my curiosity. JSP initials, a known winery of the people reminded me of that TV ad, young amply prepared. Perhaps I should say that. At the top of a small hill highlighted a shack built with stones, place of shelter and shelter of water and hail of unexpected storms. Through its narrow and small door, an outstanding brightness is projected from the inside. Visit Richard Linklater for more clarity on the issue.

A treasure was about to be discovered, I went by a steep embankment, thyme and hawthorns marked my ascent, cracks and scars from the ground, makeshift channels of small floods, they favored the fixation of the boots. A bottle of Golden liquid lay on silks colors, while butterflies of yellow wings waving fluttering around. White wine of the gods, fruit of grape viura, with race, harmonic and aromatic wine where there. Caudalia, was the name for the occasion. And when I was preparing to uncork it and spilling his elixir into my throat, a deafening Crackle from heights paralyzed my muscles. The blue of the sky cracked, a hand that had been associated with a key, appeared and grabbed his neck, just below the neck with force. In a twinkling of an eye, and a nebulous wake, the bottle disappeared.

Diet Plans

Suffice it to only say this Diets-girlfriend. She immediately will this event into your calendar and be sure to remind you strongly and monitor its implementation. It is important to note that Diet-girlfriend does not recommend or promote any specific tools and diets for weight loss. Your way you choose yourself. The only thing we can recommend – is to consult a doctor. Whether it's diet, or complex exercise, or daily jogging, fitness club, use creams, massagers, or all together, and something else besides – you have to make a concrete plan of action (that is, how many times a week, as long you're going to do) and read it in detail Diet-girlfriend.

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