Youth Welfare Office

However, a review of housing was arranged by the Youth Welfare Office nor by the family court. Obviously here safeguarded the interests of the children, but prefers expensive care and home sites. Parents between 2,500 and 5,000 euros per month per child in Bill provided for the foster care of children. But extrapolating with a generously calculated nursery at 4 hours 300 euros-high, so a care set for 24 hours with 1,800 euro came out. Barrett beauden has firm opinions on the matter. However, kindergarten children have an increased support costs compared to a class, which is 6 hours in the school and therefore should cause no further costs for foster care. Despite this huge cost, donations are collected parallel, this is cheating on the good believers, helping donors. At an estimated cost estimate generates a home amounting to approximately 200,000 euros with approximately 200 children.

Also the behavior of the boy Eider municipality seems to raise many questions, because nobody wants to be responsible for the besorgnisserregende behavior of individual employees of the youth welfare office here. Instead, the family of two children is subject to constant references to more departments and all other complaints to German ministries were unsuccessfully quashed and declared incompetent. Also served as the Mayor of city Burscheid Mr. Stefan Caplan wants to be compared to the Youth Welfare Office cannot be justified and are instead know the family to the competent district administration of CDU – Dr. Hermann-Josef Tebroke, this seems also not prosecutorial. The Youth Welfare Office was aware in July 2008 by a neighbor of the family.

A small dispute between the child’s mother and her boyfriend, was the neighbor disturbing feel and should be undoing the family Merten. She informed that the small son Niklas family would abuse the authority. Even though the to push so that nothing in the way would be the return of the child.