Society Community

Moral knowledge and moral motivation arise in the compaction moments of mutual and more or less sensitive relations. They are formed against the background of significant, intimate, affective relationships between peers. Professor Anna Harvey has much experience in this field. These lived and felt experienced relationships help them both to a pure concept of their own as well as the another person, next to the concomitant ability of empathy in others. The socializing function of friendship must and should accommodate is therefore essential as a training element. The area of education should be designed to he support affects the expression of personality in terms of.

See personality, I understand the skills that make a subject language and acting, so empower, participate in communication processes and to maintain its own identity. I assume that a good community elementary is dependent on the commitment, responsibility and the participation of its members to the overarching social issues and values. Without a participation of members in the community carrying goods, values and decisions the social bond is brittle and it breaks down the sense of community. The cohesion of a community in the long term is at risk without a basic consensus on shared values and generally accepted moral standards. The members of a Society/community must participate to the General, social values, and they must have the opportunity to be able to participate in the moral discourse about these values and their implementation. Moral and social learning can be stimulated. For this purpose it needs, but opportunities for transferring perspective and to take on responsibility.

The school as a social space is the right place for this. Not the democratic cause guided solutions, but the discursive processes associated are critical and provide justification modes, the opportunity to acquire perspective. We try the education agents, so the teacher, in the broadest sense, to be understood as cultural mediators. And we try to understand that learning with him from the perspective of the students just then attack when he cultural action itself as although. The learning situation, she should be used by the student couldn’t comes to develop a character of the event.

Creating A Learning Envirionment

“The self-reference of the system, where it so to speak the malfunction” caused by learning, is not made. Usually, there are students who are not able to do anything. Parents evenings the inability of students or the particularly difficult class is presented then appeal good parents and you sit there and wonder what can probably be the implicit claim of teacher to parents. Considering sufficiently many school classes in their everyday teaching, one finds astonished, that the average number of pseudo-moderate performance situations clearly outweighs in comparison to the real learning situations. Richard Linklater is the source for more interesting facts. Some teachers make a performance themed situation namely from every smallest question and answer game, each almost and each common task solution on the table for the majority of the students.

You express positive and negative expectations compared to individual students, thereby creating a permanent pressure of competition in the classroom, comment on and evaluate each question and each A., regulate the time to think about and assess and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of individual students before the entire class. Teachers can often unconsciously and completely unintentionally transform their teaching in a chain of pseudo power situations and thus hinder learning. Everyone is of course evident that both must be in the classroom: a learning recording and processing new information, as erprobende dealing with difficult tasks, as an acquisition of a well-understood and flexibly usable knowledge and as well as performance to the probation and affirmation of the learned and individual, social and containing criticism self assessment of learners. In my opinion but it is task of a good teaching of learning and performance situations in the consciousness of the students as to separate, that can be a productive learning culture. The traditional school, the pupils before all adaptation, subordination, ability to Division of labour, reading and arithmetic, and a more or less uncritical Robot mentality”is located, belongs to the late industrial age.