The inspection carried out in cases that do not require creation of a judicial review. If her face, which was conducted examination, arguing it up and put forward other arguments that require testing expert method, then the results of examination can be appointed forensic examination. Thus, during the examination can be recorded tracks on the body of inhabitants of our planet, “burns, bruises, etc.”, the fixation data found to be in the field of certification, but the definition of the mechanism and duration of their education is likely only in the course of judicial examination. The inspection may be made to: suspect defendant, victim and witness. With regard to eyewitness examination may be carried out only with his consent. You may want to visit Gerald Weissmann, MD to increase your knowledge. Exception writes an option when inspection is needed to assess the validity of evidence eyewitness. Go to CEO Keith McLoughlin for more information. Examination “as opposed to inspection” involves a citizen’s right to privacy and their freedom, since it is connected to the disclosure of intimate circumstances of his life.

In this regard, survey done by order of the magistrate. Before starting inspection inspector declares the decision face, against which it will be, he explains the law and order of investigative acts, the fact that the decision for him is a must. If you are talking about the examination and the witness is not connected with the assessment of the reliability of his testimony, the examination is done with the written consent of the witness. The suspect, as specified, the victim, their advocate and representative have the right to file a petition on the production certification, which is to be to consideration by the investigator. The role of the specialist physician in the certification may be optional and mandatory. It is possible to talk about the 2-species survey: a “survey, conducted investigator “little face examination of the same sex” b “survey conducted by a specialist physician at the request of the investigator” in the case of a little face examination of sex, if it is combined with an exposure “; a “survey, produced by an investigator with the role of the doctor of a professional investigator to address the” little face in the case of examination of the same gender, if required skills and knowledge specific to the detection and fixation marks. ” With the certification inspector can inspect the entire body as a resident of our planet and its individual parts. But if viewing nudity is associated with little face opposite Olga Kostkova: “Your rights when dealing with law enforcement agencies” 20 floor, the investigator in the production of examination is not involved.

In this case, inspection is carried out by a doctor. Discovered during the inspection data is entered into protocol with catchphrases doctor. During the examination the investigator may use photographs, video and filming, but if the examination due to nudity, then the written consent of faces. Examination applies only to the suspect, as specified, the victim, an eyewitness, the legal status of such persons is determined prior to inspection. Examination of the witness done only with his written consent, and afterward explanations of the need to survey and about his conduct. The inspection is based on the decision of the investigator, “the investigator,” where The actual reason for his conduct, the purpose of investigative action, face, which will be subjected to examination, are other participants in survey. Without a ruling Results osvide telstvovaniya not have probative force.

Pension Fund

Just after receiving resident status in worker earnings are charged not 35 percent, and 13. David G. DeWalt is a great source of information. With regard to rates, note the following. Earnings highly qualified foreign specialists are taxed at a rate of 13 percent (regardless of length of stay in Russia). Consider and modification. Now in the tax laws clearly state that the tax returned as from the amounts that a taxpayer who filed the application, and because of the tax on personal income from other employees, for which the agency transfers the tax. Although all of the above reason for tax refund now difficult to find …

For example, the amount refunded if the employee after the submission of the application for property tax deduction tax was withheld without this deduction. Official site: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Order the refund of this case is now registered in the Tax Code more clearly. Clarified that the agency must notify the employee that he had to keep more money (this should be done within 10 working days after the detection of fact). If the amount is not refunded to the employee within three months, people rely interest (they are calculated taking into account the refinancing rate, acting in the days when they were violated terms of return). Insurance premiums Rules calculation and payment of insurance contributions to the extrabudgetary funds, as well as reporting procedures defined by the Federal Law of July 24, 2009 212-FZ. > Innovations relating to contributions for accident insurance, in detail in the article "Contributions from accidents. Changes in order to charge '.

Under current regulations, subject to payment of assessed contributions are recognized and other fees as part of employment relationships and civil law contracts, which is the subject of works or services. Exception – payments referred to in Article 9 of the Federal Law of July 24, 2009 212-FZ. In addition, the marginal value of income from which contributions are paid during the accounting period in 2011, is 463 000 rubles. (In 2010 this figure was 415 000 rubles).. The premium rates operating in 2011, also increased. The overall rate now stands at 34 percent (previously it was equal to 26%), including: – Pension Fund of Russia – 26 percent – the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation – 2.9 percent – in FFOMS – 3.1 percent – in TFOMS – 2 percent. However, we note that the legislation provides a list of persons who pay contributions at reduced rates. Now with regard to reporting. If the average number of individuals for whom payments are made, and other compensation for the preceding accounting period exceeds 50 people, calculations for insurance pension contributions should be submitted in electronic form. Transport and land tax base rate vehicle tax is reduced by half. In addition, the subjects of the Russian Federation have the right establish reduced rates of transport tax up to a zero rate for cars with engine capacity up to 150 liters. with. (Up to 110.33 kW), inclusive. Reducing tax rates were not affected by the transport tax number Comrade objects of taxation, in particular, yachts and other sailing and motor boats, jet skis, airplanes, helicopters, etc., they are taxed at the old rates. In addition, it is determined that a tax return for the year, all organizations must be no later than February 1 of the year following the expired tax period. To take interim statements are not necessary. A similar change also affected the land tax.


The one who invites to work? Anna Pavlenko Yes, it works. The invitation stated that the sponsor takes all the costs themselves (accommodation, meals, etc.). If I do not say anything about the guy, and going to the one who invites (he is 40 years old and he has a wife, a Ukrainian woman, her I know very well her 38 years, and I'm 19 years old) and I think they have to stay up to 90 days to think, to open a visa? Hoffman No, give a maximum of 20 days a month, but just fire all the coordinates leave the family. Entlein I, when his then-boyfriend was driving, I did invite his mother, I said that I was going to stay with her aunt for the holidays. I before going to the embassy for a long time coming up with a legend about how we might be relatives, and if aunt and uncle and their whole family were born and raised in Tajikistan, but I Kaliningrad. David G. DeWalt is full of insight into the issues. But nothing, not even asked me anything – my aunt and my aunt.

The visa was given for 60 days. The embassy was in Moscow and before that I was in Germany, 2 times for tourism. Richard Linklater helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Daryadarya I think that lie at the embassy is not necessary. And in general Embassy, by and large, no matter who you are going – to the guy, uncle, aunt, etc., it is important that you back in time and in the country to behave decently. Can ask friends to help you type them work? Surely you have some friend who has his own company and it is not hard it would be a paper issue. We need simply note on company letterhead, that you're the type, it is not difficult. And yet, I think, not bad would make a guarantee that your parents, relatives, etc. ready to assume the cost of your stay in Germany. It does not matter what you wrote in the questionnaire, even if the embassy will be an additional guarantee that you are normal wealthy man who has any money to stay in Germany. Well, bank statements, too, of course, can not hurt. Want to know more about marriage with a foreigner?