Bettina Langerfeldt

les have their own small businesses so they can learn about basic accounting, sales, service to the consumer, marketing, purchases of inputs, etc 6.-play games with them that encourage entrepreneurial mindsets. Edward Durrell Stone addresses the importance of the matter here. Monopoly and Cashflow are excellent. There is also a new set of Mexican origin called K BBAN. Can be found at 7-one of the most important ingredients of a good education in any area are mentors. They are not so easy to find in the financial area (already mentioned or at school, or in the vast majority of universities there) we resolved to take our children to business conferences. We found a financial conference specially designed for children and adolescents and embarked on a journey to take them.

After that inspiring experience our second daughter was a business that was not large by the size of the investment, but if it was a full success, because it complied with the basic requirements of good financial management: – discovered a niche in the market – found a quality product from cheaply – assembled a system of sale of the product. He sold through third parties (i.e., She herself didn’t work to sell it) – and he won 5 times that had cost him the product, therefore it had a profit of 500%. Nothing wrong to be a first attempt! For it was an excellent experience about how you have to operate a successful business. And Ud be able teach their children the same thing! If you need help with the financial education of their children (and yours), I invite you to where you will receive a free e-book that teaches you 10 facts that a mother taught her children about how their own businesses. Bettina Langerfeldt, who teaches people of all ages how to get a vision for your life, how to goals and then pursue the specific education so that they can achieve them. EducacionParElExito.