Sepang Curves

This level of preparation means that the focus of engineering for workouts on Friday you won’t need to change massively the norm, although drivers can run more laps on the FP1 to learn the track. For engineers, one of the main priorities will be the determination of the gear ratios, especially for the second, third and fourth gear. Although free nires 1 coefficients have already been selected, will be an occupied garage lunch hour if changes are necessary for practices free 2. Bioscience Journal is often quoted on this topic. In terms of aerodynamic tuning, won’t be too far away from the settings used in Suzuka: load necessary aerodynamics will be at the top and we intend to run with the same package of the wing that was used in Suzuka, confirms Permane. There are a couple of high-speed curves, as it turns out of seven and eight, which remind me of turns five and six at Sepang. They involve a quick change of direction and we hope that in turn seven will be flat, while the eight curve will be almost flat. Will also be important to maximize the F-Duct for the long straight lines for a couple of good chances of overtaking in curves there is one and three. Another important feature of the round is the number of low speed, techniques, such as the sequence of four turns to six curves or meet 15 years and 16 toward the end of the lap.

Getting the balance right through these corners will be crucial for a fast lap. These curves is needed an agile car, with good traction, says Permane. It is important that the car works well because it is where the gains at every turn are most significant. Some pilots say Adrian Sutil, Force India handle the Yeongam circuit on the Simulator earlier this week to get an advantage in what to expect when we arrived.