Intel Xeon

Scalability The software must meet not only the current needs of the organization, but also provide opportunities for the development of surveillance systems, if required by the business development company. If you need development of surveillance systems will be just enough to purchase a license for a number of cameras that you decide to install or have to change software. Existing software systems can be divided into 2 types: 1). An different sets for different needs 2).

Universal software solutions that have already incorporated all the features. If business development, will require the development of surveillance systems, will be sufficient only to purchase licenses for additional ip-kanaly.4. Ease of Use Work with the operator of the program is a tracking area in real time and search the video archive. Archives of contemporary video contain huge amounts of data: one day at 100 working chambers, even with the motion detector accumulates up to 1000 hours of recording. Operator’s work can be greatly simplified, allowing an effective tool in the search video archive. The best producers of software for ip-cameras offer a search in the video archive on various parameters.

Basically this: search by time and date, individuals, the size of the object on the frame. With regard to mode real-time, modern software has the following features: motion detection, isolation of moving objects detection and recognition of individuals. In software system MACROSCOP there is a function as an “interception” when the operator can put a suspicious object in the interception, and the system will signal “Alarm” as soon as or similar to it an object appears in the field of view of one of kamer.5. Economic efficiency when selecting software, you can save on 2 things at the cost of the software and hardware. Different vendors offer different pricing schemes. Created special packages for different needs, their disadvantage is that if one package needs change, which was chosen originally cease to advance, and at best have to buy those or other functions, in the worst change the software. You can choose a universal solution to the cost of which already includes all the features and buy additional licenses only for the cameras. In addition, the software can reduce the cost of the equipment used. When software most effectively handles compressed video stream, the number of ip-channels on the server increases, respectively, the number of servers is reduced. MACROSCOP supports up to 250 ip-channels with a resolution of 640×480 and frequency of 5 frames per second (or 130 ip-channel real-time – 25 frames per second), with motion detection and recording on a single server with a 4-core processor intel Xeon. If, however, wants the system from a small number of cameras such as 20, then quite enough of the conventional computer. If you have a problem – the establishment of surveillance systems, but careful selection of cameras, choose the software, paying attention to the universality, processing speed, scalability, usability and cost effectiveness. This will help you use the potential of ip-cameras to complete.

Fallout Online

For example, the entry into Rangers (in whose ranks you will be able to enter after passing through certain quests) you entrust to go first in the NKR and there to find out all the features of joining the organization (I will not describe further, so as not to spoil the thrill of the game). Universe FOnline, as we promise, will be replete with such quests. There is also a vital and dangerous quests (holding bases), the prize for which is worth a lot. But the dangers faced by those who try to keep the base for a long time, is not comparable to anything (the essence of the quest – to hold the base until 12:00), for lack of wise men who come to the right place at 11:40 am, killing all and getting a prize. So the best way to keep the base – The collective. In general, will not be bored …

Good dialogue on MBT – 12 did not exist. But to the MBT – 3, we promise a lot of interesting conversations that have adequate and vivid emotion. The conversation flows not even a river, and winding to match your reputation. As already mentioned, there are several options for the replica, and in many cases, on your choice of possible answers or ways to continue the dialogue depends on the outcome of the mission. I think it is useful Note that (at least for now) our trusty PDA, called Pip-Boy does not note in his memory podkvesty (as it was on MBT-2), so I have to listen ‘minikvestodatelya’ to do what he wants . Cosmetic repairs Despite the fact that uses graphics of Fallout 2 (only with higher resolution), it did not hurt the game. Still, it is designed not to kazualov, and above all the fans of Fallout 1 and 2.

Total Watching as our hero kills another player, we feel a sense of euphoria from his helplessness. We begin to understand that this game is exactly what makes the hear your pulse, hiding behind some buildings from enemy forces on the superior. Or so child-like joy found armor. And when you enter the town, looking cautiously around, and in case of danger nervously klatsat mouse button. Trying a rebuff, or quickly slip away. By looking at all the game events MBT – 12, we concluded that this project is special and unlike any other. At once, we’re really waiting for the release, which will be held later this year.