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Tell you that we love you and that it is precisely because we seek for them a good education, which fix them. But it is also imperative to measure us when we do. It is one thing to give you a few good slaps on the buttocks, and quite another, hit them so merciless to satiate our rage by the error you have incurred. 3. Official site: American Heart Association. Be balanced in the foster parents must have balance. In this regard the Scriptures teach: the spoiled son embarrasses his mother (Proverbs 29: 15 b, Popular Version) must take care of our children, but not fall into over-protection. Love them, but don’t ignore or ignore us failures who commit to avoid disciplining them.

If we lack balance in one aspect of so much importance, we will be forming children that will be a problem for us and for the society. To achieve the necessary wisdom in the training process, we should ask God that help us and allow us to make appropriate decisions regarding the discipline that we must teach them. 4 Sow in their children values and principles the greatest wealth that we can bequeath to our children, lies in planting in them sound principles and values. With them we must spend good time, on the one hand to instruct them in the way of righteousness, and of another, to correct them when they have failed. In this regard the Scriptures teach: do not forget to correct the young, which not a few whip they will kill him; on the contrary, if you corriges it, libraras it’s death (Proverbs 23: 13, Popular Version) remember to ignore us in the process of formation of children, it is a demonstration that we don’t care about them or love them, aspect to which we knew relates the Bible when he teaches: who does not correct his son, don’t want it; that she loves him, he corrects him (Proverbs 13.24.

CF. 3: 12, Popular Version) God loves us, and we corrected. Same with our children: If we love them, we should correct them. Always remember that the basis to build families of success, is to allow the Lord Jesus Christ occupy first place in our homes. With his divine aid, we train in them the principles and values they need to successfully deal with life, and also the difficulties that they face. Fernando Alexis Jimenez contact (0057) 317-4913705 Email Blog original author and source of the article.