There was a man who was called Nicodemo, says to the Gospel de Juan, Chapter 3, of versicle 1 to the 7, he was of the fariseos and important leader of Jews. To read more click here: Kindle Direct Publishing. One night went to where he was Jesus and it said to him: – Masterful, we know that God sent to teach to you to us because nobody without the aid of God can make the miracles that you do. Jesus responded to him: – I say the truth to You: the one that is not born again, cannot have part in the kingdom of God. Nicodemo said to him: – But if one already is old, how it can be born again? Perhaps it can enter within his mother and be born again? Jesus responded: – I say the truth to You: one must be born from the water and the Spirit. If one is not born from the water and the Spirit, it cannot enter the kingdom of God. The body of one comes from the parents, but the spiritual life is born from the Spirit. You are not surprised if I say to you: " You must be born &quot again;. It observes that Jesus says I say to the truth to You and in other versions of the Bible really says, I really say to you soon to affirm that if one is not born again (in other versions it says that if one is not born from the stop) cannot see the kingdom of God. And the same Jesus explains this concept before a little foolish contrarrplica of Nicodemo when it asked that it explained to him how was that of which it had to enter the belly of his mother to be born again. The Teacher said to him: What it is been born from the meat, meat is and what he is been born from the Spirit, spirit is (also notices that first Spirit or that one del that is preached that it generates, is written with and capital because Santo talks about to the Spirit, and the second, the generated one, is written with and very small.

Project Natal For Xbox 360

Play on your Xbox 360 without the need for controls! Microsoft introduced its same console Xbox 360 but improvements in games that are surprised by its quality and a gaming experience new and revolutionary that leaves behind the Nintendo Wii at E3. Very complicated Sony and Nintendo have today for striking a blow like that has given Microsoft with its incredible Natal. What is Project Natal? Many will wonder why it is difficult to recover from the shock of seeing him running, although what you showed us and what will arrive to us will not be all the same. Natal is a new control system of games in which we use our body and voice to play. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Linklater. Natal project, revolution in the form of play Project Natal is a global concept that takes us back to the future in the world of consoles.

I don’t think that someone who saw the Microsoft E3 Conference don’t think that it will be how you play to the consoles in a few years. Furthermore, this system of control of the game does not eliminate the classic controls, but rather complements them perfectly. Therefore there is no giving to the classic Xbox 360 and its graphical power, which has been proven with the new games that it remains very current. It has joined with Natal. And as they say, to sample just a button: the Natal system relies on a bar that incorporates a camera and microphone that are responsible for collecting everything that we do and say in front of her. He not only knows who we are, what we say (not only keywords), or what we do, but they know how far away we are system. 3D, analyzing and interpreting all the movements of our body and the orientation thereof.

The system consists of a camera RGB (which is especially responsible for the recognition of faces), a sensor depth, multi-directional microphone and proprietary software from Microsoft. Depth sensor consists of an infrared projector combined with a CMOS sensor which sees 3D stay regardless of the same light conditions. But there is more. To enter the system we we not will enter our user. Natal will recognize us face and will introduce us to the system automatically. To buy a new console? think that not! One of the good things about Project Natal is that will work with any Xbox 360 console that already has been sold and the future that will be sold. Therefore, I’ll only have to buy accessory when it goes on sale (not before 2010) and games that are developed to take advantage of this new control system. The system is also updated to console controls be handled with Natal also. With our voice and hand gestures will suffice us to move around the menus. It is almost the only thing negative of this Natal. It said nothing when available or the price that will have the accessory. The logical thing would be to think we will not see anything this year (had been announced) and that 2010 will be the year Natal.