Kramer – Release Concert In Flensburg

On the 2.Juli in 2011 it has finally come: KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann) and band give their release concert. in Flensburg, in cold storage. On the 2.Juli in 2011 it has finally come: KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann) and band give their release concert at Flensburg in cold storage. KRAMER, this is Frank Ruhmann, many in the North known as musicians and singers. With his album “Coming Home” he is publicly presented for the first time as a composer and lyricist. All tracks having a high authenticity, musically and in terms of content.

Anyone who knows KRAMER music, white to her power and her “go to the heart”. With his experience of 35 years in the music business was KRAMER (Frank Ruhmann), able to play all the instruments and arrangements in his Studio itself. To showcase his songs on the stage, he has gained high-profile musicians for his band: Bent Wolff: guit.voc. many known as guitarist of spirit of Santana Gerhard Albrecht: bs.voc. in the Flensburger music scene at the time active with slim special, but also companion of Frank Ruhmann(KRAMER) and Bent Wolff at spirit of Santana Alex Thomsen: keys.voc.

For more than 20 years musically in Flensburg a term Helge Jannsen leak: dr. who was working as a drummer and bassist in Top40 Bands. Complete is the band with Isabel Ruhmann. VOC. KRAMER’s wife, who for the first time presents itself the Flensburger audience with this concert as a singer. For the KRAMER concert succeeded also on July 2, 2011, to win the British violinist Pete Sage (Mike Oldfield, Westernhagen, Achim Reichel) as a guest. Pete will accompany some of the songs with his soulful violin legend KRAMER. Tickets for this musical highlight is now available for MoinMoin, music Palace, deep blue, and all known presale points in Flensburg. The tickets are available in advance for 16 euro and at the box office for 18 euros. So nix los and tickets for the concert back up KRAMER!