Advanced database structure so that all market participants can strengthen your online based business processes compared to the vehicle manufacturer’s o information systems in future, implement step-by-step essential elements of the so-called PHOENIX project TecDoc as of the coming year. Project initiated two years ago in the future among other things allows the daily deployment of data by the data suppliers. They drop their information into an online database, from the then Commerce and TecDoc daily can be updated catalogs. It is whether the data receiver, display the provided data ‘Just-in-Time’ in parts catalogs. There will be also the possibility to determine the parts needed detailed graphical representations.

For the acceptance of the catalog, but the quality of input data is crucial, says Zada. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. We can make out only that, what the data suppliers give us”. To the requirements of the new PHOENIX structure to meet, the data format was changed. The entering via the newly developed product data management tool ‘PDM’ by the data suppliers in the future. In a live demonstration of Andreas Assmann, demonstrated the Director information management in TecDoc, the advantages of the new data maintenance tools.

Parallel to the roll-out of the PHOENIX project training for data suppliers held this January 2010 throughout Europe. Control the flood of data given of the enormous amount of data and complexity is an advanced database structure and a high level of user friendliness is necessary. With the new generation of TecDoc WEB CATALOGs 2.0, an important tool for the page is trading for. Learn more about this with NSW Department of Education. After all, the Cologne data professionals at 58 million article links and 1.2 million images must process today more than 400 gigabytes data – per quarter. Urgent appeal to Brussels, Cologne-based TecDoc informations System GmbH is regarded as one of the world’s leading providers of qualified product and catalog data for spare parts. The aim of the company is technical data of car spare parts in a single database to pool and wholesale of part of as well as workshops to provide.