The Senior Director

The compensation Plan of the Agel comp plan Agel is binary hybrid while it unites features of a rupture and matrix compensation plan. To begin in Agel you must choose between the Executive package and the personal package. This company pays in 10 different ways. Below you can see some of them:-bonus for sales to the retail. Perhaps check out Zoom for more information. To buy at wholesale and sell at retail prices prices, a payout of up to 20% can be obtained. -Quick start bonus.

When a dealer register a new person gets a bonus of $200 if the latter has acquired the Executive package or $35 if you have chosen the personal package. -Volume of team bonus. This bond corresponds to the binary behavior of the compensation plan. You get 10% of benefits regarding the volume of Group of the shorter leg. -Matching bonus. He is obtained between 25% to 50% Commission on volume of equipment of all persons that enter a Distributor.

You can reach a depth of up to 7 levels. -Executive bonus. This bonus gives you a portion of 3% of the total volume of the company up to a volume of 40,000 in the Parthian shorter. -Bonus for business expenses. Once a distributor qualifies for Senior Director (40,000 volume in his shorter leg and 2 personally sponsored directors), receives a bonus for business expenses. -Bonus car. When you get the rank of Senior Director is received an additional bonus for a new car for free. -Holiday bonus. The Senior Director and upper ranges are invited to the annual Conference of Agel leadership. The author is a NetWorker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry.