Stylish Steel Door

Choosing a steel door Choosing a metal door, to be clear about a few things: the room in which she will be standing and reliability afforded protection, the priority function, the budget for the steel door, locks and accessories. The range of issues is very extensive, so we consider the basic requirements for a quality standard doors in the living room. Any metal door (if it is not a lightweight) must have certain protective qualities. Steel doors should not be easy to gross cracking, that is, there are cases when the attackers cut steel doors with a thin door leaf, cut the locks. Maximum exception of "smart" cracking, that is, the availability of quality expensive locks, which can not reveal the mechanical action of using a crowbar or spikes, as well as more sophisticated tools for hacking. And yet you can not characteristics.

The functionality of the doors – even the cheapest metal doors, related to economy class offers basic soundproofing and thermal insulation. If the door is custom-made, you can order to your liking heat and sound insulation. Just keep in mind that soundproofing is not meaningful to do better than wall insulation – it will be a waste of money. For sound and heat insulation is most often used wool batting, mineral basalt slab, as well as rubber seals and trim. Also, high-quality steel door and sink should not squeak. The door should be a logical continuation of the wall, be inconspicuous. Metal doors should not bring harm to the health of their masters, that is, the product must be clean. Unpleasant smell and feel bad – it's a bad sign.

Good door to any class have a pleasant appearance. Now offers a lot of door models with multiple-choice design solution that offers freedom of choice and the possibility of selecting a metal door to the interior apartment or house. Qualitative characteristics of finishing and, consequently, the ability to install as an internal or external doors. For example, the vinyl artificial or laminate coating will last you for years, but do not steel doors with these decorative materials put into the house as the street, because the artificial skin is easy to damage, and the laminate with heavy rainfall and warped crack. Dear steel doors and doors with resistance to attempts to hack reliability. For safety's better to put the locks of the two systems on the market: cylinder and lever. Choose the locks from manufacturers, use the additional protection and interlocking bronenakladki. If you want to provide maximum protection for your dwelling, set the alarm.