Special Education

The child with serious the mental retardation (QI of 20 the 35) cannot the same receive degree from learning that a child with a retardation moderate metal, already the child with deep mental retardation (19 QI of or less) generally does not obtain to learn, to speak or to understand in an appreciable degree. She advises yourself to make amniocentese or the collection of vilo corinico, that she is advisable for all the pregnant women with more than 35 years of age, therefore these present greater risk to generate a child with Syndrome of Down. A diagnosis of mental retardation before the birth allows the parents to opt to the abortion. A child with retardation in the development must participate of a program of precocious intervention as soon as the diagnosis is established. Perhaps check out Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. The support emotional of the family it is important in the program.

Generally a child with mental retardation can live better in house or in a communitarian residence e, when possible, she must frequent a day-care center for normal children or a normal daily pay-school. The school must develop attitudes of attention with the arrival of any children its institution, are normal children or special, the treatment to the shelter must the same be. 0RN3%2f%2fqTO67NdbNDpysYoepdrXqwsQ6bifOEvDsC&TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExt%2ehtml’>Primerica jobs. Although, the school for having knowledge of the LDBEN of 1996? Chapter V of the Special Education, giving to emphasis the inclusion of the pupils in the Regular Net of Education, has conditions through of this law to receive all child said special to be enclosed in this school, since that this school can be holding the enough number for the attendance, therefore, all children it has the right for the education and social insertion. The school must have in these cases a look not prejudiced, and yes, to enxergar special pupil same with its limits, but, living processes that a normal child lives.