Soccer Player

The trainer has to the same treat all the players at the time of which each responds to the own exigencies of the work, in the fulfillment of the established norms and in the responsibilities logics that a player has to take care of professional level mainly. Another thing is the personal aspect. Each player is different and he cannot treat them to all the same. The advice whom he gives to one, equal is not worth for another one, by very good that he is. They need certain forcefulness at the time of going to them and with another it is necessary to be a little smoother. There are them react very positively with a pat in the back and others need a voice in stop, to say it of a form simplified enough. The dominion on the part of the trainer of determined technical psychological and a quite deep knowledge than is the behavior of the human being play a fundamental role in this subject, for that reason there are trainers who prevail totally in the equipment that directs so that they dominate absolutely this facet.

Another thing is that concerning clubs professional, the trainer has between his team of collaborator to Psychologist, who is a very valid option, first for he himself, since to individual level the advice and advising of a professional, can come to him to control certain emotional psychic states very well and that the exercise of as demanding activity as the one that realises can carry to him, mainly if one is trainer of elite equipment and sometimes anxiety pictures appear to him, stress, depression etc. Also is important concerning preparation of the equipment to count on the collaboration of a specialist in sport psychology that obvious are going to improve and to reinforce the work in that parcel, although not for that reason he means that the trainer must not have ample knowledge in the matter, since apart from which always is going to him to come very or to realise better their work, is many equipment, even professional, those that cannot contract a psychologist (or they do not want) and is the turn technician that is to control in all their amplitude the section of mental training of the equipment. It is evident that if the trainer fails in the psychological subject with certain player or does not know like treating it, the demotivation is a negative component that usually occurs in these cases and the true danger is not when this fact is isolated and it is pronounced in a determined player burdens, it is when it is infected to the rest of the group. An equipment demotivated is as a boat to the drift, and easiest it is than it ends up being shipwrecked.