Real Change

Today, Mexicans wonder about how to get to Mexico the situation is today. Violence, poverty, corruption, lack of citizenship, the irresponsibility of our authorities, unemployment make up some of the elements that are part of the list of issues in our country. Citizens know that our political representatives are responsible for promulgating laws and reforms that will enable to solve these problems. But when arrive the elections where chosen to these representatives, we find that most of the candidates for whom we cannot vote are people who lack ideas and real projects to solve these problems and this reflected from which their own electoral campaigns. Visit Richard Linklater for more clarity on the issue. Their election campaigns are based more on finding easy votes giving objects, promising unrealistic things or speaking badly of his opponents so that they are badly with voters. But the worst happens when these candidates win the elections and all the campaign promises that proposed do not meet them.

The most Mexicans have constantly felt this feeling of disappointment to see these candidates that give us back once they come to power. This disappointment we feel, each day it grows, because we simply observe that things are going worse and still does not reach the change that both politicians have promised us. Then, if the candidates who aspire to power nomas inspire disappointment and every time we feel that that change will never come, how to can get to Mexico for this situation where no leakage is not. The answer is that Mexican citizens are those who must make for themselves that change and not wait for a politician to come and achieve that change. This change should be given in all aspects, from the same way in which we act daily. If the politicians don’t want to see for the common good of society, it is necessary to us if we see for the common good.