The happiness human being is in the success in obtaining the object of the desire, according to Hobbes. Here I appeared another doubt: What it regulates the will human being they are only the qualification of the sensations and the intrinsic necessity in it of autoconservao of the life? Hobbes presents the deliberation concept to explain this question and attributes it while still alive to the happiness, as it is concluded in its words: ‘ ‘ In way that who to possess, thanks to the experience or to the reason, the greater and more insurance capacity to foresee the consequences is who better is capable to deliberate; is who more is capable, when it wants, to give to the others best conselhos.’ ‘ Condillac goes to give to a step ahead in this notion of passional life, that radicalized the perspective of gnese sensorial of the thought and the knowledge, it goes to try to describe nothing of what less the proper generation of the facultieses of the spirit, from a theory of the knowledge constructed in the perspective of an inquiry of psychological nature.

Condillac sample that does not have no content or college of the spirit that is not constituted from a sensation, that is, that it does not have its origin in it. Distinguishing in this point of the ideas of Locke that conceives the capacity as innate, however the acquired knowledge, through the sensations. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chip Bergh offers on the topic.. Condillac associated thus, sequentially, the sensation to the ideas and to facultieses; the last ones, as transformations of the first one. For this way, of the sensation it deduced the agreement. The materialistic conception in this in case that it is what of the sustentation the ideas of Condillac. Pleasure assumes position of prominence in hierarchy of passions in accordance with thought of Condillac, in case, displeasure perhaps had greater weight according to it, since it is through a painful sensation that the nature human being is capable to distinguish and to search sensations pleasant, and thus to conserve the life..