Project Manager

Fernando Vazquez editor of the Monumentp section at the unknown Blog project leader Pm writes this interesting article on time management in the project. On one occasion I was invited to participate in a course on leadership in which instructors would be the director of training for Latin America and the director of training for Europe, Africa and the East means within our company. They were English and Mexican nationality respectively. Both directors were very proficient in the area of leadership and training techniques. The plan of the course was very well built and was told us at the beginning of the first day. Managers had been organized to cover the topics alternating their interventions, i.e., a topic covered it one of them and another subject the other and so on.

At lunch on the first day I came to realize that the agenda was not being covered according to the plan and as a good Project Manager started to ask me how would do you to finish on time?, they pushed the scope of the course (project)? Certainly there was no fast-track option or use the technique of crashing of the timetable, how you would you?. Moreover, with the aim of giving to the cause root problem I started thinking, that it provoked that time delay? Given that it wasn’t me project not had made me think about that, but found me it interesting. I began to observe the performance of both directors with more detail and I could see how the instructor of English nationality, fully complies with all its commitments of time without compromising quality. On the other hand, the Mexican instructor was very warm and anecdotal, but always and I emphasize always ended up at the wrong time. Even on occasions when the English instructor was in his exhibition, the Mexican interrupted to clarify a point that didn’t make any sense clarify, thus hindering the progress of the course.