New England

To mine he had godmother (Regina Fonseca), one of the main ones foundations of my family, synonymous of love and donation. Its plantations had relieved it beauties fruits were valid the penalty! To mine better friend, mine irmozinho, the Dr. Sandro Cerbino, faithful and accompanying friend of all the moments. Its victory is our victory. To all my professors and colleagues of profession, who had served of north in my professional life and that at some moment, had contributed for my professional growth. Important teachings are not learned only in books of medicine or scientific articles, but also for vocs, true masters of the art of teaching.

SUMMARY The present study it has for objective to approach the prevention of not institutionalized falls in aged. For in such a way, a systematic revision of literature in the medical vestibules Bireme, PubMed, Bibliomed is made eNew England. Initially one searchs to contextualizar the aging and its association with the fall of aged. After that, fall of the aged ones, its causes, effect, factors of risk and studies of literature concerning the subject are approached it. How much to the preventive aspects, the physical activities, autocuidado and the learning of the aged one had become related more the used interventions, such as the medicamentosa otimizao, the physical exercise, the correction of the risk factors, the prevention primary, secondary and tertiary, the groups of risk, the education of the aged one for. Learn more at: Levi’s. The study it concludes, that many of the measures of prevention that can be applied in the aged ones, are part of the carried through habitual clinical activity with the same ones, as well as of its examinations of health. The geriatrical evaluation is the study of the integral detention of problems of the aged ones, is an important element in the detention of possibility and the prevention of the falls.