Using the functionality of opportunities is recommended as best practices within the life cycle of the lead to customer. Anyway NetSuite recognizes that not all organizations implement management opportunities. But don’t worry that if you don’t use the functionality of opportunity in your account you can change the status of the lead to prospect manually. Advanced searches advanced searches creating allows you the user with filters of information queries of expediting its work since the information has on hand according to your needs. For the specific case of leads, it is convenient to have the information of which are lead-qualified. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Richard Linklater. To do this you create an advanced search.

It is entered by the card of leads-relationship-leads-search, where the screen shown below is displayed. Standard card shows the filters, in this example are filtered by the Status field and the criterion are lead-qualified. By saving this search will only show us the lead that meet this criterion. After after creating the query, can we rescue in the home or the user control panel, i.e. that upon entering this NetSuite information will be seen to your income. The user can personalize the information that you want to see in the home or in the control panel, this is done by using the option to Customize this page. Queries can be changed at any time, it depends on the work done by this every day.

Creation of the search filter example of home with lead types qualified with the Quick Add functionality can add leads quickly and efficiently, only requested key information in order to create the lead. Later you can supplement the information. The best practice is to do it from home or control board. Quick Add change information without going to the registry can be information such as telephone number, email and other fields directly from the control panel, without having to enter each record.