Larissa Education

An education based on the solution of problems promotes in the pupils the domain of procedures, as well as the use of the available knowledge, to give to answers the changeable and different situations. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Crane. In the studies carried through in it disciplines of Education of Mathematics, we perceive that this field of knowledge was delimited concerning the resolution of problems constructed as reply the questions proceeding from different origins and contexts, motivated for questions that come being argued throughout the last years. The problems have not played its true role in education, therefore, in the best one of the hypotheses, they are used as form of application of knowledge only acquired for the pupils. the necessary professor to understand that the reasoning of the children is formed from the daily experience why this knowledge is the base on which education must be constructed. one of the main objectives explicit of the basic education, is to make with that the pupils if not only place definitive problems but they arrive, also, to acquire the half ones to decide them. DEVELOPMENT: The Types of Problematic used in the period of training had been separate for fiches blue, turn yellow, red and green.

In the fiches blue: (Former)? In a sport gymnasium fit 3850 people in the arquibancadas ones and 1650 in the numbered chairs add the total of the capacity of this gymnasium? Andressa has 24 bullets, 32 chocolates and 12 chicletes and divided everything with the Sister with how many each one was? Zeca has a periodical board, in one week it vendeu 143 and in the other he vendeu 235 periodicals. How many periodicals it vendeu? Carlos bought a dozen of apple, gave half for Luisa, gained two bananas of Jonas more and seven strawberries of Larissa. How many fruits Carlos bought?