John Ruskin

And on New Year's and Christmas, and on March 8 or 23 February will be very desirable to congratulate the teachers, teacher or supervisor. The world of adults and children different levels of consciousness. Therefore, in children, preferably in the world to comply with the collectivity. Why? Yes, because noncollective gift in the school or university, qualified as "sycophancy" and a man suddenly becomes outsider. And, of course, do not forget that the teacher will appreciate the result of collaborative hard work the team is higher than one person.

The school presents, of course, should be simple, pleasant and nice: sintered collective pie or painted picture, homemade Christmas Christmas tree on the desktop trainer or a collage of photos. You can even organize an amateur concert! Gifts such prizes should be in unison with wishes and applause, to enhance the effect of joy. Or you can make a surprise: hide them in a place where the teacher must look. Students the task easier, because the university – the establishment of adult and serious, and some teachers gifts can be taken as a sign of "bad taste". But those that are unbiased even zabugornye principles, be happy with the new chic dictionary or an expensive ink pen.

Maybe be the leather case or nominal, handmade bidding. Very convenient for teachers to give things directly related to teaching. Gifts boss seen quite similar to those gifts for teachers. But here the emphasis should be placed on Price and originality of things: the higher the exclusive, so pleasant. You can even give your boss a "day of his rest: to hire a masseuse to invite chefs and waiters with food for real foodie, and in any case not to disturb the affairs of Company: Let enjoys gift! Generally, to give the best things that you need, or those that elevate mood. And to give these gifts should be fun! Even one is difficult to choose a gift. But in the collective confusion – even more so this is no easy task. But it's nice to share the joy with loved ones during the holiday! Picking a collective gift, listen to the words of British writer and artist John Ruskin: "In every moment of our lives, we must try to find is not what separates from other people, but what we have in common. " Listen, look for a common and successful you gifts!