Honeckerin Merkel

Solutions which encounter logical depths at the second thought, are also worthless. Solutions that don’t tell us where does the whole misery, are also not. Causes that not really can, are among the great things if one exactly thinks it through, should not deal with us, because the time is short. Harvard Bioscience may help you with your research. We need a real solution. A solution that eliminates the cause of the disaster. Because when we turn now to the solution, then the crisis takes its course. You expands and collects more and more areas.

Only the banks, then the car makers, suppliers, machine builders, commodity producers. No sector can escape the downward vortex and we hear only of further layoffs and production shutdowns. Nationalization also does not prevent the decrease in production? Have we forgotten that? Today’s market economists are better plan economists? Is the better Honeckerin Merkel? Productions, which scaled back be are anything but appropriate measures to expel the excessive consumption of just spoiled generations. Productions, which will be scaled back, allow producers to die and also the consumer dies at the end, regardless of being satisfied with how little he has been prepared. With the producers, the technology and the know-how of dies to provide the technology and to operate.

Just ask the farmer how he morning can wrest much litres of milk the cows with his hands. So bad is it this time? Not passing it, like previous crises after the last big war? The truth that no one will like to hear is every day in the newspaper. The next major release waves, more people who have no work and no money to follow soon. This makes more production cuts necessary and even inevitable. After all, where will it come the money that makes possible the production at today’s level? Are we ready to be serious social unrest over us? Do we really want to experience that? I’m not. Because I want to live.