Haiku Art

The ideal of this reality that came to be the reason his life and his death as well as the triumph of his glory was so real. There is no greater love than the of who gives his life for his friends. Mostly as it happens or what did happen, being stated and repeated, showing how a great fact not die forever, incorruptible and glorious resurgence in three days of the most unfair and unholy deaths in history, to the glorious life of eternity. The most incredible projection of divine and human love is happening in only real Christianity and deeply authentic. God is man’s best friend and his plan is to whichever man being for the also his best friend. This topic emphasizes Jesus, presenting the essence of the Kingdom parangonando constantly the divine love and the human in lines at the same time inseparable. This explains and appears most obvious in the context of the parobola of the good Samaritan and clear in great form and specifically pragmatics in prayer essentially Christian of the our father. People such as American filmmaker would likely agree. As one thematic poetry of this strictly spiritual reality, I propose to give an aesthetic dimension, featuring more of the sonnets poems a series also alluding to each poetry reflections.

A Haiku of success to Dios depth of friendship root in me, your heart! The aesthetic of art and in our case of poetic art, can now be or not incidentally religious but if it must necessarily be spiritual. Real art will always be reflection and expression of the spirit of man in all its dimensions. The soul of the art is the spirit of the matter expressing the various genres of beauty, from what is more sublime even more grotesque. After presenting the guidelines essential friendship, it seems desirable to do the same with the poetry.