Good Quality Projector DLP

How to install the projector? If the room to which you intend to install the projector has enough space, then install the projector on the operation of back projection – the best option. However, with rear-projection requires the high cost of installation of the projector and special screens for this type of projection, so it is better to use the reversal of the small cinemas, shops and other places where the planned long-term installation proektora. projection does not require time-consuming to install and is the best option for "fast" meetings, presentations and installations in cinemas and home theaters. What is the viewing angle projector? viewing angle is the maximum angle that clearly recognize the projected image when the viewer looks at the screen sideways. Viewing angle can be both vertical and horizontal.

That is the contrast of the projector? contrast level is the ratio between the brightest and darkest areas of the projected image. The higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the picture. Projectors with high levels of contrast, can transmit the smallest details of the image, for example, almost imperceptible surface roughness. What types of projectors are available? What are they used? The main types of projectors: lcd, dlp and dlp and crt.lcd Projectors are commonly used to project images from a computer and other sources of video signals, their small size does not cause difficulties when carrying or ustanovke.Osnovnoe use lcd projectors: office presentations, installation systems and home cinema dlp projectors kinoteatry.Osnovnoe application: office presentations, and more recently increasingly begun to be used as a projector for cinema (3 chip) and home theaters (1-chip). crt projectors are mainly used in rear projection systems, as well as in the home. crt projectors have a good level of contrast, and perfectly capture video images, but very expensive and have a large size, which makes them not so easy to install and configure. Most often, crt projectors are used for stationary, long-term installation.

Computer Store cube recommends that when choosing a projector to consult with a specialist. What is the resolution of the projector? Resolution projector is the ability to display fine detail. Projection matrix is composed of discrete elements, each of whom is responsible for mapping a single point on the screen. Typically, the resolution includes two components, the first – the number of points (minimal elements) horizontally, the other – vertically. Point (Elements) of the image is often called pixels. The higher the resolution of the projector, the more detailed image he can project.