Games Mother

' ' Bruno' ' he was born of cesariana childbirth, he was suckled per seven days, with 20 days already he raised the head, he did not have cooled grippes or, he started to engatinhar with six months and the mother tells that the rrand-boy used to help in the evolution, therefore the same already started if to raise, it walked with eleven months, started to mumble with ten months. With three years it started to mount and to disassemble toys, to cut with shears, but until today makes with difficulty, not mooring cable the cadaros and nor if it dresses alone. First garatujas had been made to the four years, the mother tells that the son likes the school he considers and it good. Since that the child was born, the mother all dedicates its time to the son, folloies its evolutions day-by-day, she is participativa and she always looks for to learn each day to be prepared to satisfy the yearnings and necessities that its son needs. In the pertaining to school ingression of ' ' Bruno' ' its mother went the classroom frequent and was despaired, first because she saw that its son was not corresponding to the teachings of the teacher and another one because he did not accept the neurological problem of the same.

Some time later in colloquies with specialists it only looked aid. Being thus, for the accomplishment of the present study the following instruments had been used: _ Comment of the pupil in the classroom _ Amamnese with the mother _ Games The pupil INFORMS PSICOPEDAGGICO studied, it was born in 03 of April of 2009, was evaluated with six years of age, when it frequented the alfabetizao. The teacher seeing that the behavior of the pupil was a little different, therefore the same presented difficulties in the learning, was agitated, aggressive and she did not have limits, decided to communicate the family indicating an evaluation with specialists.