The question in this context is so? or more important how much the reply. Kronbauer (2007 P. 16) affirms that, as all and any inquiry starts for some questioning, some problem or some question, the study of the language it ahead places us of a problem already of beforehand implied in the inquiry: any question of departure always is elaborated inside of a cultural tradition, of an established lingustico consensus and that, generally, it is not rank in question. The question, that is elaborated in the language form, presentifica a tradition, that conditions double asking in sensible. It is condition of possibility of asking at the same time where they place the limits of this act. One of the yearnings deepest of the man is the freedom, exactly not knowing what to make with it, in the adolescents it is not different.

Then because not to present them Kant and its teses on the question of the freedom and autonomy of the thought. Kant affirms that to think by itself without assists outrem of is enough it only the freedom, in this in case that, to sensetize the pupil on consequences of the freedom so longed for the question is the possibility to think for he himself with all the inherent risks. Finally, not to be only it enters the philosophers of modernity chronological, distant of us that such to suggest a subject and a recent author current. Perhaps at this moment it is possible to present Foucault and the ontologia of the gift, that is, what it is a philosophical problem for today? What it affects the pupils of average education of public school of form incisive and pressing act that if cannot resign to think. Remembering Gramsci that says ' ' all man is philosopher, not if he can think about a man who is not philosopher, who does not think, since thinking he is characteristic of the man while tal' ' , and if it has problems that they can and they must philosophical be thought, and has, Reale affirms that philosophical theories, arguments and disputes for the fact to exist philosophical problems Exist.