Foreign Language

The results of SAT and ACT tests must be a graduate not later than December of that year, when he goes to the graduating class. If the graduate wants to begin classes in September, the documents for training, he must submit to 15 January. By this time, international students must pass, and TOEFL (international test of English as a Foreign Language), for example, score 550, if the rent in writing. The collected set of documents along with a check for payment review services market, so dollars at 50-70, is sent to the admissions committee. After that universities are taking the time to review the documents by April 1, all responses, both positive and negative applicant will be received. Assume that it is five "yes" and five "no." Putting the negative answers in the trash, the incoming student's family begins to discuss the question: "What to choose?" Universities can offer different financial conditions. For example, the applicant turned out to be an outstanding volleybolistom and university team needs a good player, and then this young man or woman may be offered a very good discounts for payment learning. But it can never know in advance.

Entrant is given a month to adopt a decision by May 1 in support of its decision on the selected university sent a special questionnaire and, again, check for 200 dollars in direct registration. So after the first of May each coming in an American university knows exactly where he will learn in the fall. As you can see, the idea of a summer trip for admission is absolutely crazy, as do summer have nowhere to go. I hope that now it is clear that for admission to U.S. higher education institutions, students begin to prepare for year two if not three. Increased interest in American universities among the Russians clear.

First, in the ranking of the best universities of the world, American universities and colleges take the lead. American diploma opens the door for a young specialist firms around the world. Second, although American higher education, and more European, but foreigners are much better. In many universities there are entire system to help students from other countries. It is gratifying to note that Russian students are now available for such training foreign language, which allows them to study abroad. And if you want to test the readiness of the test, then take the SAT practice test is available for free on the Internet. For russklyazychnyh students for these purposes it may be advisable use the Internet booth