Facilitates Project Analysis

Can do offers also a tabular work surface next to the Gantt representation of projects for head of Department and project manager – can do offers also a tabular work surface next to the Gantt representation of projects for department heads and project managers – project analysis and reports easily with a mouse click to create Munich, 25th September project analyses and reports simply by mouse click Create 2012, this is even easier with the latest version of the project management software can do. The new feature TableView provides a tabular representation of a project (visibility of the project manager) or all activities of a Department (view of the line managers) with various analysis options both project managers and department managers with a mouse click. The TableView is available from can do intelligence 4.4 project. With the TableView, the head of Department with just a click looks all projects, phases or work packages, in which its employees are active. In addition, the expenditure of his Department and the individual is in the tabular representation Employees for a certain period of time, which can be changed as desired, listed.

The line manager can integrate in the table further elements for analysis e.g. plan – and actual costs, risks, project progress, skill requirements or plan and actual work – – and can put together with just a few clicks an inpiduelle view of his Department to. While the head of Department with the TableView will receive an overview of the activities of his Department, leads the project leader with the new function to a tabular representation of his project. He sees which resources are assigned to which project elements with what effort, he can freely determine the timeframe of his view and in the view integrated numerous elements for the analysis of his project as well as the head of the Department.