Education Pedagogo

Word-key: Enterprise Pedagogo; productive intelligence and sustainable society. INTRODUCTION In face of the new times or world contemporary, we live a renewal in the education concept that goes beyond the walls of the schools, that is, it is in all the places, since our first days of life of the conviviality in the family until the insertion in the work market, being essence of the man, a social being, a partner-cultural being, and a being that learns and that it constructs to each moment its history. Learn more about this with Gerald Weissmann, MD. In a globalizado world the man has the possibility of to extend its horizontes, to interact and to construct new knowledge breaching barriers of time and space by means of advance technological, although that, also to perceive a moment of uncertainties in this globalizado world and the lack of meanings and intentions on the part of the man who initiates one I circulate vicious and alienator of wild consumption, that generates crises or conflicts, having the necessity to learn to learn in its relation of production. Necessities mediated and supplied perfectly for the Pedagogo that in its new Curricular Line of direction, it of the attribution knowledge and aptitudes for a pedagogical work reflective critic in not Pertaining to school areas in the promotion of the learning as in one all of the man. For more information see Gerald Weissmann, MD. Let us notice that articles and books directed to education learning of adults, limit the performance of the Pedagogo in the not pertaining to school institutions with allegations that this professional of the Education is only apt or she only possesss in its graduation exercise of the docncia in Infantile Education and the initial years of Ensino Basic. In the article 5 incorporation IV of Resolution CNE/CP n 1, of 15 of May of 2006 says that the egress of the course of Pedagogia will have to be apt: to work, in pertaining to school and not pertaining to school spaces, the promotion of the learning of citizens in different phases of the human development, in diverse levels and modalities of the educative process.