Democratic School

On the other hand, the democratization not yet reached all the sectors of the society, as well as of the public school; where the professors, the servers of the society, exactly in the limit of a society divided in classrooms, search to open spaces for the magnifying of the debate ' ' democratic that popular&#039 is the sovereignty; ' . This will be possible when all the pertaining to school community will be involved in the cooperation task, capable to understand the conception critical-reflexive. This functions as foundation in the conquest of the autonomy and the collective construction of common objectives in the pertaining to school scope. Moreover, I stop (1998, p.46) reaffirms that, Having in account that the democratic participation not if of spontaneously, being before a historical process in collective construction, places necessity of if foreseeing mechanisms to it institucional that not but they make possible, but also they stimulate practical participativas inside of the public school. To wait that the pertaining to school democratic management if carries through spontaneously, does not leave of being an interminable wait.

However, the construction will be given mainly for practical collective that can be stimulated by measures that aim at to the participation of all the ones that if appropriate of the school as system that makes possible the future of a society more joust. Exactly because, the democratic management is an interminable process, because it says respect to the initiatives that facilitate to the mechanisms of participation of all the collegiate ones. this democratic participation suffers limitations, since these limits are related to the attitudes of the proper professionals of the education, that many times do not possess ' ' experience democrtica' ' (FREIRE, 2005, p.74). Attitudes these that also are mentioned to the authorities that consider the people incapable to govern, to have autonomy, to decide and to choose what it is more significant in the escolarizao process and thus to be able to propitiate one to know democratic.