Correct Schoolbags

Experience report about the school bags for my daughter I am the mother of a 6-year-old daughter, her name is Jennifer. My daughter was in first grade this year. My husband and I were on a long time looking for the right school bags. Jennifer is a little Princess and find beautiful purple and fantasy. We have tells us which satchel is best suitable for a little dainty girl. It has recommended the schoolbags of Scout easy II. We three are at a retailer and have tried the satchel.

My daughter was immediately out and away from the bags and the beautiful motifs providing Scout. We have finally decided for the Scout easy II in Butterfly. The satchel is very convenient, because space has side pockets for lunch box, lunch box can offer and the large interior easily stowed in the booklets, books and the students case. The satchel is also very robust due to its stable parts of the page. The satchel has comfortable shoulder straps in S-shape with breathable mesh fabric. With the Shoulder straps in S-shape prevents that the schoolbags of Jenni from the shoulders from sliding. Also the back of the Schulranzens is awesome, since it is a ergonomically shaped backrest is. Jenni has a slightly longer school is where you must go by bus.

The easy II has a compartment where Jennifer can attach your bus ticket inside. Because it is morning still dark in the winter, the reflectors make visible our little girl for the cars and cyclists. We have made easy II until now only good experiences with the Scout we are very happy and would buy the bags again. We have acquired the bags here.